* 6 Steps To Activate FelixCAD 5 LT
Posted by Christian Kramer on 2019-06-27 12:32

FelixCAD 5 LT is not longer available! For alternatives please follow this link.

FelixCAD 5 LT is free and it has to be activated after the 30 days trial period. It will not expire after the activation again. Below the steps to a successful activation and a scheme that shows also the process.

1. Start FelixCAD 5 LT from the Windows Start menu and click the top button "Register my copy of FelixCAD LT".

2. Then the "Product Activation" dialog comes up and displays the Device ID code. Next select the button "Get Activation Code".

3. Your Internet browser comes up and it shows the Graebert registration page. If you have already a user account, please login with your user name and your password. If not you have to register again. If you are an unregister user, please register first and click "Register Now". Please note that the registration requires and email confirmation to enable your Graebert account.

4. After the login you reach the Product Activation dialog in your browser. It should already set to "FelixCAD LT" and your device ID code. If one of these field are empty, please select "FelixCAD LT" as Product and copy the device ID via copy(CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) into the Device ID field. Then press the Submit button.

5. After submitting your device ID, you activation code is displayed. Please mark it and copy it again with copy(CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) to the still open "Product Activation Dialog" of FelixCAD 5 LT.

6. To finish the activation process, please press the ok button to save your pasted activation code.

Note: After submitting the device ID in your Internet browser, you get a confirmation email which also includes the activation code !

 howtoactivatefelixcad5lt.png (192.65 KB)