* Create an Apple Crash Report
Posted by Christian Kramer on 2019-06-11 06:34

In some cases the ARES Commander crash report is useless, because it shows only information from the integrated crash reporter application itself.

In the latest versions of ARES Commander we integrated an option to get additional information via the Apple crash report.

When you run the Terminal window via /Applications/Utilities/ under Mac and start the application via the following expression:

export FX_GRAEBERT_CRASH_REPORT_FLAGS=2314872611610315296 && open /Applications/ARES \Commander\

Note: That ARES Commander must be the name of the application. Otherwise the above line has to be customized to the correct ARES Commander application name.

Now, when a crash occurs the Apple crash report windows comes up and you sent us the entire text display in this window via .To send the crash report additionally to Apple makes no sense here. You can exit the crash report window after copying the entire text.


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