* ARES Commander Issues under macOS X Mojave 10.14
Posted by Christian Kramer on 2019-06-11 06:23


An ARES Commander 2018 update (Build for the MacOS X Mojave is already available under:


To Run Older ARES Commander Versions before Build
Previous versions of ARES Commander doesn't work under OS X Mojave after the installation directly. ARES Commander customers shouldn't upgrade their existing operating system directly to Mojave (which is for free for El Capitan or higher), because there is a crash at the first start of the application and a Fixed-UI-Mode issue with a flickering graphical area. A reversion from Mojave to the previous Mac OS X operating system is also difficult.


Workaround for Older ARES Commander Versions:
If a customer had already installed Mojave then we have a workaround. Before the first start of the CAD application customer has to add it to the Privacy exceptions dialog (Allowed Apps) under Security&Privacy settings. Then the application starts without any issues. Further its recommend using the Mac-UI-mode (command UIMODE).