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ARES Commander 2017 SP2 - Release Notes - English
Posted by Christian Kramer on 2017-08-07 11:21


--- SP1 ---

  • Graebert Customer Portal provides a new Organization panel with user and permission administration.
  • Graebert Customer Portal provides direct activation for Flex licenses.


--- SP2 ---

  • Print preview and output performance of specific drawings on PDF printer improved.
  • Print to PDF supports brightness, contrast and fade level settings of drawings files.
  • Printing improvements for Hatch entities and OLE data on PDF and System printers.
  • HPLAYER system variable functionality improved and control added in hatch dialog box for creation of new hatches and fills.
  • Functionality added to change the hatch patterns draw order by the HPDRAWORDER system variable and placement options in hatch dialog box.
  • XDWGFADECTL system variable: External references fading value controls are added in options dialog.
  • SCALE command: Functionality added to store last used scale factor value.
  • Functionality added to use surveyor units in QInput box.
  • Startup switch added to open custom template files by "/T" option.
  • Functionality added to modify the scale of a polygonal viewport.
  • LISP: Functionality for the SELECT command with option Auto improved.
  • LISP/ActiveX: Added VLA-object parameter support to the vlax-curve functions.
  • Freeze or thaw layer icons are added in Layer Combo Box for an active viewport.
  • Attach drawing command: Loading of referenced drawings in custom plane improved.
  • Performance improvements for the PAN command.
  •  Documentation of about 530 system variables in the English help file.

--- SP1 ---

  • ARES 2017 crashes when NEW command is issued on a PC which has DWG TrueView 2018 or AutoCAD 2018.
  • "\n" is not recognized as newline in command function of LISP.
  • Some grips of dynamic block were not displayed.
  • INFINITELINE and RAY were not highlighted, when the mouse is moved on it.
  • In some cases dimension arrowheads were not displayed correctly.
  • Printing of drawings with referenced TIFF images on HP DesignJet printer improved.
  • GESTURE command: Mouse Gestures icon in Ribbon UI added.
  • FILLET command: Capability to fillet edges of 3D solids improved.
  • PDF printing entities on locked layers with transparency improved.
  • PDF printing quality of high resolution TIFF images and OLE objects improved.
  • The behavior of OFFSET command for polylines improved.
  • Snapping for centerline creation improved.
  • Better visual quality of pasted OLE data from Microsoft Excel sheets.
  • Ability to select multiple layouts at a time added.
  • LOADSCRIPT command: Performance of loading large script files improved.
  • CLIPREFERENCE command: Invert option implemented to hide Inside/Outside boundary entities after clipping the externally referenced drawings.
  • Behavior of the XtraTools commands TEXTFRAME and TEXTMASK for solid background improved.
  • Offline activation issue in the customer portal fixed.

Mac OS specific improvements

  • Printing improvements of hatch entities on PDF printer
  • Display of Chinese texts with SHX bigfont improved.
  • Support of the Dark UI style.

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New Helpdesk
Posted by Robert Gräbert on 2011-03-21 11:47

Dear clients,

we welcome you to our new online helpdesk system. 

Additionally to our existing email support you can now use the new helpdesk system at to post your support questions. With your support login you can now check the status of your reports and add updates to previous requests.


Graebert Support Team

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